Guides: Sportswear Plus Size: Which brings man more sweat-synthetic fibers or cotton?

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Manufacturers design the smartest functional materials and not just for plus size fashion for the sport. These functional materials are to facilitate us the sport. Actually a very good thing, but still, these are artificial fibers, from which these functional substances are manufactured, fraught with many Voruteilen.

The biggest prejudice: In man-made fibers sweating more than cotton!

Behind the most widespread prejudice lies the assumption that you sweat in art or mixed fibers more because they can not properly absorb the sweat. They should be uncomfortable to wear on the skin, in them man should strictly faster smell and the Plus Size Sportswear washed at the recommended temperatures, would not disappear with the strict odors.

Quite a lot of negative points which accumulate there. Would that now indeed so, then the manufacturer would hardly put in so many different sports clothes to the synthetic fibers. The dealer would populate the range with cotton, because after all the high quality sports clothing sales in oversize. Thus would be advisable from any synthetic fiber products.

Sports clothing made ​​of synthetic fibers has to deserve its bad reputation

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Big-Basics clears up!

All man-made fibers, whether polyamide, polyester or Polydacron, each with its own property. Viewed from this perspective Manufacturer Kunstfastern are enormously versatile. Through a variety of manufacturing processes, and post-treatments, it is possible to make the best material for a variety of purposes. Therefore, this dud is called functional clothing. Polyester sports clothing is very often used in the large sizes.

Why is this so? We simply look at the properties of these synthetic fibers. Polyester is considered to be wrinkle resistant, light and weather-resistant, dimensionally stable and durable. Moisture is not only well away from the body, but quickly evaporates. Thus, the very light material also dries quickly. Easy care when washing and quick drying, the man has his sportswear fresh again available.